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Iron Range Things To Do

Iron Range Mineviews

Golf at Giants Ridge


Kiss the asphalt goodbye!


The Iron Range hosts many of Minnesota’s best trails for ATVs.

ATV / OHV Recreation Area

The first of its kind in Minnesota, Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area, located in Gilbert, is designated for 4×4 jeeps and trucks, ATVs (all terrain vehicles), and OHV/ORV (off-highway/off-road vehicles).  With over 1,000 acres traversed by 35 miles of trails, this recreation area offers the ideal scenario for an off-roading adventure. The trail difficulty level ranges from Easy to More Difficult to Most Difficult, and offers spectacular views of the Iron Range.


The trails, winding deep through the northern forests and reclaimed minelands, are among the most exciting and diverse trails in the country.  Their territory covers the entire Iron Range and north of the Laurentian Divide, stretching into the Tower and Lake Vermilion area.  Wherever you would like to go, there is probably an ATV / OHV trail system that will take you there!

Check out our list of trails below, complete with their location and a description of their unique features.



It does not get any better than the Iron Range!

Check out the map below, reserve a bed at one of the unique places to stay on the Iron Range, and come on up for an adventure like none other. With so much left to explore….what are you waiting for?

Abandoned rail grade from near Hibbing southeast beyond Toivola
Great year-round trail with scenic overlooks; connects Aurora. Giants Ridge/Biwabik and Hoyt Lakes
Scenic multi-use trail system north of Virginia
Woods and water with trailside restaurant/bar
Connects Eveleth, Gilbert and the Iron Range OHV Area
Gilbert is home to Minnesota's first designated state recreation area for off-highway vehicles (OHV) and all-terrain vehicles (ATV).
Be safe and have fun in your Jeep!
Rent ATVs or snowmobiles and ride the Range
Easy terrain, scenic route 38 miles northeast of Virginia area
25 miles northwest of Chisholm area
Connects Tower to Lake Vermilion beach