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3.5 Hours From The Twin Cities

Iron Range Things To Do

Iron Range Mineviews

Golf at Giants Ridge


Queen City of the North

Located in the heart of the Mesabi Range, Virginia, Minnesota has long been recognized as a leader in promoting business prosperity in the area, and fondly remembered by the countless vacationers who have visited the Iron Range.
Virginia's Olcott Park is the site of the Virginia Area Historical Society's Heritage Museum which provides visitors with an authentic look at the historic logging days of the area.  Olcott Park is also home to the much loved "Land of the Loon" festival, which attracts thousands of visitors each summer.
Virginia's rich mining history is celebrated at the Mineview in the Sky Overlook and the Oldtown-Finntown Overlook, both offering truly breathtaking views of the area's deepest open pit mines.
Virginia is a retail hub for the Iron Range, where popular, unique shopping venues area complemented by a wide variety of restaurants, lounges and entertainment.
The city has two lakes, numerous parks and a newly renovated 18-hole municipal golf course.
City of Virginia
327 First Street South
Virginia, Minnesota 55792

Virginia Chamber of Commerce
403 North First Street
Virginia, MN 55777